milestone session

It also known as Sitter Session. This session is basically for babies 4-12 months old. I highly recommend to get this session done before baby start to crawl (6-9 months old). There are few reasons why this age range makes an ideal time to photograph your little one. 

Baby is sitting up: when a baby is sitting up on their own, outfits can be viewed without the distraction of props and awkward poses. It is much more difficult to pose a baby who cannot sit up.

 No playing chase: at this age babies tend to be very easy to entertain and getting those adorable smiles are easily achieved with a simple game of peek-a- boo! Babies are also more tolerant to strangers at the sitter stage. 

Shorter session: a sitter session can be done in about 30-45 minutes, and you still end up with a variety of poses! 

The cutest stage: lets be honest, babies around 6-9 months are just plain adorable with their chubby little arms and legs, and those big round eyes. This is a time in your babies life you will want preserved.  


Once you have decided that we are a good match, we will schedule a consultation over Zoom to discuss your ideas on style, colors, props and wardrobe. We will also review the detailed pricing information and how the images can complement your home decor. This will help us have a relaxed photo session.


I do have a selection of adorable outfits in the studio, so there is also no need to stress over what to wear. I provide wide selection of backgrounds, props, hats, flower crowns, etc. A beautiful collection of silk draping, form-fitting dresses, bodysuits, lace robes, gowns and accessories are provided for mama at no additional cost! 


Right after the photoshoot we will view your proofing gallery on a big screen and you will select your favorite portraits for retouching. If you prefer to do it later, we can schedule in-person reveal within a week after your session has taken place.


Your portrait session is only the beginning of creating your custom artwork. Each image is carefully and tastefully edited into a unique work of art. Artistic photo retouching is included in your session. I specialize in the most comprehensive and detailed editing. While I focus on creating a natural look I will edit your photos to your liking. I want you to treasure your final portraits.


I offer high quality fine art prints, gorgeous gallery wraps and elegant wall collections for a spectacular presentation of your most beautiful memories.


For details on pricing for your session please contact us.

It is incredible at how fast the first year will fly by.

Feel free to blink but make sure you schedule a session to capture each stage of your baby growth.