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Luxurious. Elegant. Classic. Generational. 

Your family portrait can be all of the above and more.

This is not just a portrait, but an experience.

You may walk away from your portrait session with a different view of yourself and your family.

Let me create a beautiful art work that you will cherish forever!

Choose your portraits expirience

or we can do it all!

motherhood & baby portraits

Motherhood photography sessions are a celebration of your role as a mother, the tender love you have for your children and the authentic connections you share with them.

They create portraits rich in meaning, emotion-filled images preserving the most beautiful memories

of your life. 

These portraits are treasures, and their value will only grow with time. 


Capturing beautiful portraits of your baby or toddler can be done at any age, but there is something truly special about acquiring photographs during their first year of life. Here are a few tips to help you plan your session.

3-5 Months: At three to five months, your baby will be able to hold their head up on their own and will likely be in the sitting stage. This is a great time to schedule a photoshoot because your baby will be alert and engaged but still relatively calm. Plus, they'll be able to interact with you during the shoot, which will result in some truly special moments.

6-9 Months: The sitting stage is one of the best times to capture those sweet chubby cheeks and baby rolls. Your little one will be able to sit up on their own but may not be quite mobile yet, making it easy to get them to stay in one spot long enough for some beautiful portraits. Around six to nine months is therefore an ideal time for a mommy and me photoshoot. 

9-12 Months: As your baby grows and begins crawling, their personality will really start to shine through. Your baby will be full of energy and life, making for some wonderfully candid shots as well as . And if you're thinking about scheduling a mommy and me shoot, this is also the perfect age for your baby to take part in the fun too.

1 Year: One year olds are full of energy and personality, and they love to explore their surroundings. This makes them great subjects for photography, but it can also make them difficult to wrangle. If you have your heart set on a one-year-old photoshoot, be prepared for a lot of movement.

2 Years Olds and Beyond: By the time your baby turns two, they’ll likely be a lot more subdued (relatively speaking). They may even be able to sit still for short periods of time. This makes two years old and beyond a great time for photoshoots. 

No matter what age your child is, there's always a perfect time to capture their beauty in a photograph. Depending on your schedule, we can work with you to find a time that works best for both you and your little one. 

BEAUTY & BOUDOIR portraits

A beauty & boudoir session is truly an empowering experience that have found to be life changing.

Whether you are being photographed for your fiancé, your spose, or as a gift to yourself, each session is meant to celebrate beauty and empower you.

I'm here to help you on your journey towards self-love, confidence, and embrace your sexuality.

the process


All sessions are tailored specifically to you and include a pre-session consultation over Zoom where we will begin designing your dream shoot. We will discuss ideas on posing, lighting, wardrobe, and style. I will work closely with you and learn from your ideas and expectations to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.


A beautiful collection of silk draping, form-fitting dresses, bodysuits, lace robes, gowns and accessories are provided for your session at no additional cost! We can even drape fabric creatively to create a gorgeous gown that will be one-of-a-kind and unique for your shoot.


Professional hair and makeup artistry is recommended for stunning portraits and is included in our package. You can sit back and relax before your session begins. This is a complimentary service so if you choose to do it yourself the price is still the same.


Our sessions are styled like a fashion shoot and personalized to make you look and feel elegant and alluring. They are tailored specifically to you with various artistic lighting set-ups, backgrounds, poses, and style changes. Your session is never rushed as I only book one client a day, which allows us freedom to spend the time needed to perfect each set up and help you make the most out of your shoot. Even if it is your first professional photography session, my goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, beautiful, confident, and empowered. During your photo shoot I will direct you through elegant poses, focusing on angles that bring out your most beautiful self while providing a luxurious day of pampering. Throughout your photoshoot you will have the opportunity to preview your images.


Right after the photoshoot we will view your proofing gallery on a big screen and I will be happy to help you to choose the best photographs for retouching. Your portrait session is only the beginning of creating your custom artwork. Each image is carefully and tastefully edited into a unique work of art. I specialize in the most comprehensive and detailed magazine-style editing. You don't have to worry about any imperfections. While I focus on creating a natural look I will edit your photos to your liking. I want you to treasure your final portraits.


There are a few Image Collections, as well as A La Carte add-on options so that we are able to fully customize your experience with us leaving you with top of the line products for your lifestyle. Collections include 8, 15 and 25 portraits with an option to add more. All collections include high resolution digital files in color & b/w PLUS coordinated fine art prints in a beautiful folio box. Most of our clients will also add on a few extra products from the A La Carte menu to their Collection to make it complete. Our studio offers high quality fine art prints, tabletops, luxury photo albums, gorgeous gallery wraps and elegant wall collections (acrylic, metal) for a spectacular presentation of your most beautiful memories. You will see samples in studio.


I know how important it is for you to get your gorgeous portraits as soon as possible! I always try to deliver retouched digital portraits within 3 weeks after full payment is received for the order. Sometimes (during very busy months) it may take up to 4 weeks. You will receive them via an online gallery. Then, it takes about 2-3 weeks for all of your products (albums, folio boxes, wall art, etc) to be delivered and ready for you to take home! Need 1-2 images ASAP? Not a problem! I can retouch them and deliver within 2-3 days after the photoshoot with no additional charge. You may expedite processing time of the whole gallery for an additional fee. Rush fee amount depends on the order and requested turnaround time.


Claim your promo deal and make a $99 deposit before March 31st. The session will be scheduled in April.

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photographer in Gwinnett

Sessions are performed in a 1500 sq ft studio space with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Luxury photography studio

The warm and inviting space offers personalized attention and comfort tailored to each individual client.

couture maternity dress

An amazing Couture Wardrobe, Italian silk draping and accessories are provided for your session. 

Right after the photoshoot we will view your proofing gallery on a big screen and you will select your favorite portraits for retouching.


  • A zoom consultation to design your dream session
  • Pro hair and makeup artistry for one person
  • Exclusive use of our amazing Couture Studio wardrobe (over 100 dresses, gowns, bodysuits, silk draping and accessories)
  • 2-3 hour studio portrait session
  • Variety of outfits changes and studio setups (5-6 looks)
  • Beautiful collection of props and outfits for babies under 1 year old
  • The Reveal & Order session
  • Gift with purchase - the metal desk print


The $99 (regular price is $600) retainer fee is due at booking to reserve a date for your photo shoot.

Images and products are purchased separately and are not included in the retainer fee.

Pre-payment is required for one of the collections at the day of the session. You may choose to start with a smaller collection and then upgrade it, as well as A La Carte add-on options, at your Reveal & Ordering appointment.

Each client has different product needs, from albums to wall-art.

Our clients spend anywhere from $2400 to $10K+.

What you buy is totally up to you. You don't have to choose until your reveal session. 

Weekend days are premium bookings and require $2890 deposit which will go towards your purchase.

We accept all major credit cards & cash.

the investment


Collection One

8 portraits
Fully retouched high resolution digitals
Diamond Folio Box with fine art prints

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